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Reliability analysis of Interval censored data

Hi , Is any one have any idea about Reliability analysis of Interval censored data. my data set is in following format


Days              Failed          Censored

0~30               12                    22

31~60              8                     40

61~90              4                      22






Re: Reliability analysis of Interval censored data

Yes, I have an idea. please read Help > JMP Documentation Library > Reliability and Survival Methods > Chapter 3: Life Distribution. You will find lots of ideas there.


Enter your data like this:


Capture 1.JPG


I do not think that the interval censoring is appropriate in this case. You simply observed the status every 30 days. I assume that each 30 day period is another sample. That is, you have a total sample size of 108. Enter columns in the analysis roles for launching Life Distribution


Capture 2.JPG


Click OK and then you can either use the non-parametric estimates or fit a chosen model.


Capture 3.JPG


You enter Start and End, in that order, in the Y role together in a case with interval censoring.

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