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Opening large files in JMP

Hi Guys,

I have JMP 8 and about 2G of RAM. I am trying to open a JMP file that is about 5GB but when I open it in JMP it seems to truncate some rows.

Is there a way around this?

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Re: Opening large files in JMP

I've opened some pretty large files before in JMP, but 5GB seems a little outrageous. The 64-bit version of JMP might be able to handle it if you had enough RAM in your system, but 2GB is probably not enough even with the 64-bit JMP.

I recommend you break your tables up into more manageable sizes and open them when needed and close them when you're not using them. And don't forget to clear your table from memory between cycles because JMP doesn't do it automatically. Use the Clear Globals() function.
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