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Map shapes with non-geographic maps, multiple maps

I'm using map shapes with wafer layouts rather than geographic data and have an issue and a question....


issue:  in platforms other than graph builder if I  use "Background Map...." to show my photolithography boundaries the data immediately disappears, apparently associated with the x axis switching to geodesic (it switches both x and y but x is what ruins the plot).  I can fix it by putting it back to linear or could script it to work fine but it's a nuisance.  Graph builder can apply background map and leave axes linear.   


Maybe this is just something that can be improved in future but wondering if there is some good workaround now.... a preference I'm missing somewhere?  I see I could tell JMP my X/Y cols are various geographic types but not sure if there's a way I can say they are definitely not.


question:  I guess this is not limited to non-geographic data as you could have historical country boundaries or something but I can easily have multiple different layouts that use the same names (just numbers) for the regions.  No problem for Background Map... where you select the map file but for the case of putting a column into Map Shape in graph builder I'm wondering how that works.  It does appear to be able to guess the right layout to use -and it's very cool that you don't have to select the map - but is there a point where it would ask, if different layouts are actually compatible with a limited dataset?  And related to that, if I were scripting the graph builder is there a way to tell it what map file to use explicitly?  I see how to do what you do interactively.... specify a column as Shape()...but is there any way to deal with possibly ambiguous maps being present?

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Re: Map shapes with non-geographic maps, multiple maps


I am not exactly sure how you are adding your background image. I have done wafer maps using a shape file. 


Also, the script below from the Scripting Index > Display Boxes > Add Image provides an example using boundaries.


I would probably create a Add-in or hot key script that prompt you or the user for the product and/or sampling plan then via JSL select the image, set the scale and the boundary.  If you have multiple graphs (By group or multiple Y or X), the script could get the current window find all FrameBox and set it at once.


Providing a few more details, would likely generate more suggestions/help.


Names Default To Here( 1 );
img = Open( "$SAMPLE_IMAGES/windmap.png", "png" );
w = New Window( "View Image",
	Graph Box(
		FrameSize( 500, 500 ),
		X Scale( 0, 100 ),
		Y Scale( 0, 100 ),
		<<Add Image(
			image( img ),
			bounds( top( 90 ), Left( 10 ), bottom( 10 ), Right( 90 ) )
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Re: Map shapes with non-geographic maps, multiple maps

I found a couple of things  on this...


(1) about multiple maps I see that I can set a MapShape column property that specifies a particular map file to use.  and that map file can even be in another location presumably allowing it to not be confused with anything in the Maps folder in case there might be conflicts among maps that use overlapping names.  Post with example of that here:


(2) this gave me the idea that maybe I could force my x-y columns to be linear scale with a property but although there is an axis property for the columns as well which does allow specifying default axes I still find the x axes getting forced to geodesic when I add a background map.  This is when I've plotted data on a Bivariate plot using my X and Y columns, then right clicked on the background and selected Background Map and chosen my boundaries from there.  I am indeed thinking of doing a script for this since it seems an unavoidable feature of selecting the background map manually.  (easy enough to get it to work on a specific scripted report but since I posted this originally we have come up with a nice set of shared map files for our internal maps so now have a lot of users who might expect to use this easy manual process to apply different possible backgrounds to their own plot and then have this issue.).

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