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Keyboard shortcuts

Hi Guys,

I went through the keyboard shortcuts list in the JMP quick reference card but are there any more keyboard tricks out there?

Hi jmpuseer,

You might also want to look into customizing your keyboard shortcuts or accelerators by going to Edit-->Customize-->Menus and Toolbars. There is a lot you can do with this feature besides changing and defining new keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can define new menu or toolbar items, rearrange menu items, as well as have your shortcuts invoke external JSL scripts or embedded JSL code.

This feature is available only on Windows and Linux. For more details, refer to the JMP User Guide, chapter 10, section "Customizing Menus." All JMP manuals are available in PDF format via the Help-->Books menu.

Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

> This feature is available only on Windows and Linux.

Thanks again, SAS.

John's Macinstosh Project user
Thanks for the info.

Community Trekker


Dec 18, 2014

I think there are many John Mac Users who cannot understand why some features exist only for certain OS...