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Jun 3, 2015

Join data table : empty data result. Why?


I have concatenated CSV files thanks to script I have found in a discussion.

There is to table result that I would like to join.

The first table is a 19 779 lines and 34 columns data table.

The second table is a 1 972 100 lines and 8 columns data table.

The comon column is the "NumeroCourbe".

I would like to get the 34 columns of the firts file joined to the 8 columns of the second file.

But the data table result is empty.

What can be the reason?

8851_join data table JMP.JPG


Community Manager


Jun 23, 2011

Re: Join data table : empty data result. Why?

My guess is that your NumeroCourbe columns don't have any actual matches. Without seeing your data it's hard to say why they aren't matching. If the columns are numeric, try converting them to character. That will ensure that numeric precision issues aren't involved here. If they are character columns, try using Recode to Trim Whitespace and make sure the case matches between the tables.

Try turning on the options to include non-matches from both the main table and the with table. Then you can see that values that you think are matches aren't actually.

If you can post samples of the two tables we can better explain why there are no matches.