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Jmp "Project" vs. "Application"

Hi all,


We're looking at scripting/automating some repetetive tasks.  I can't decide if it makes more sense to create this tool as a "Project" or a "Application".  They both seem to allow you to have a data table and multiple other reports open and organized as tabs within a single window.  I'm looking for any comments on the pros/cons of each approach.  Use case is having a data table associated with a single test and multiple other reports (graph builder, etc.) pulling data from that table.


At the moment I'm leaning towards at project as it seems more amenable to scripting.


If anyone has comments/suggestions one way or another, I'd be happy to hear them!




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Re: Jmp "Project" vs. "Application"

Here's my take on your situation. Others may feel differently? I like to describe a JMP Project as a container for all the various elements associated with a body of work. The container can hold lots of elements. To name a few, JMP (data tables, journals, applications, dashboards, scripts, platform reports) and non JMP files such a MS (PowerPoint, Excel, Word) and other files like pdf files, jpeg's, etc. So your automation content (scripts or applications) could sit inside the Project. So what you might want to consider is creating your automation elements and THEN including them as content in the project.