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JMP scatterplot matrix histogram


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Jun 27, 2011

I can find two ways of accessing a scatterplot matrix in JMP and only one allows me to make a square matrix and put histograms along the diagonal.

If I use the toolbar Multivariant item, a window titled Multivariate and Correlations opens. If I populate the Y window with numeric data (categorical data isn't allowed), I generate a square matrix (that's the format I've set) and the red triangle button gives me a Show Histogram option, which does what I want.

However, if I access this through the JMP menu path of Graph/Scatterplot Matrix, I can generate the same square scatterplot of correlations, but the Show Histogram option is missing from the red triangle button. This occurs even if I only include numeric data in the matrix.

I've looked with care at the preference settings for the Scatterplot Matrix and there Historgram isn't even part of that preferences list. In the JMP document Esstential-Graphing.pdf, no mention of this capability is made.

So, I'm confused about why I can't use theGraph/Scatterplot Matrix to embed histrograms into the report, since they seem to be the same analysis platform.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for any clariifcation.


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Jun 22, 2012

You are accessing 2 different platforms.  One is just a graphical platform,

    Graph==>Scatterplot Matrix

and the other is an analytical platform

   Analyze==>Multivariate Methods==>Multivariate

They have grown a bit together over the years, however, the analytical capabilities of the Multivariate platform far exceed the primarily graphical output of the Scatterplot Matrix platform.