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Level III

JMP and Adobe Flash

When JMP shows Adobe Flash, is only .swf supported or will other "Animate" formats be supported? 


Everyone knows how insecure flash files are. Have these other formats be enabled in the JMP/JMP Pro? 

I'm using and older version of JMP now not the lastest (16).





Re: JMP and Adobe Flash

Hi @Residentx,


Thank you for your question.


We stopped maintaining support for Flash in JMP 11 and introduced support for Interactive HTML, which is natively supported by browsers.


Our support for Flash was limited to a few JMP platforms. Our Interactive HTML export covers far more platforms and continues to spread to more platforms each release of JMP.  Export > Interactive HTML or File Save as > Interactive HTML can be found on the File menu when you have a report window open.


From JMP Scripting Language(JSL), Save Interactive HTML is the function to use to create an Interactive HTML web page of a report or dashboard.


Please try Interactive HTML and let us know how it's working for you.