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Level III

JMP Add In Exporter

Hello guys,


I have a jmp app [Extension : jmpappsource --> .jmpapp] and jmp script (Extension : .jsl).

I want to make both of those into single addin package.

I am not sure how to do that .. Please guide me


My final output when i install the jmp addin i need to have 2 branch one for app and other for script.

Is this possible ?


Re: JMP Add In Exporter

If you look under File > New > Add-in, there's a tool called the add-in builder (intro video here, docs here).  You can use that tool to package both files together.  The JMP app will be put in the included files section and referenced in the menu items.  The jsl is easier  - you can just follow the standard process shown in the video for that one.  That will give you one add-in that creates two entries in the Add-in menu.