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JMP 14 crush

Hi all,


I have a big script that includes other smaller scripts. JMP (14.0.3) crushes allot of times when I try to execute the script, about ones every three runs. Does anyone know what the reason can be? Is there a crush report somewhere? 


Re: JMP 14 crush

Maybe send a note to ?  I'm sure the support desk can receive a crash report and make some suggestions.


JMP Systems Engineer, Health and Life Sciences (Pharma)
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Re: JMP 14 crush

I was wondering if other users had the same issue. I use JMP all day long and I usually manage to crash it anywhere between one and 20 times a day.


There are a few things that consistently seem to make it crash :

- running many scripts or unfinished scripts

- using the graph builder or other interactive platforms

- having a lot of Windows open

- using the debugger (probably the easiest way to crash it)


Just remember to save your work... very often. Especially before you run a script!





Re: JMP 14 crush

So, I just want to disclose that I work for JMP.  I use JMP heavily every day. From manual click through analysis to a lot of scripts to automate things. In my hands v14 and v15 are super stable.


There is likely an operating system issue, or a memory issue you are dealing with.


First check to see that you are using a current licensed version of your operating system.

Next check to see how much available memory you have before you start to run the script. Subtract from that the size of all the data tables your script is going to open. If Data*2<free memory, your OS might terminate an application unexpectedly when the system runs out of memory. 


The second first thing to do, and this is such an easy and important thing. GET THE LATEST VERSION OF JMP

if you are running v14, you should be running 14.3, not any other earlier dot release.

   Go to this link to get it:

   If you have v14, this is free, just download it and install. Even if you have a slow internet connection its fast.

Most people have JMP license that allows them to upgrade to the current version of JMP. Thats JMP 15.0, and in a couple of weeks 15.1 will be released. 

If you have 14 and you want 15. Click Help, Click About JMP and discover who your internal license admin is and tell them to call their JMP Sales contact to get you the update you need. 


The last thing:  This is important! Send your crashes to  the developers are mining error log data and constantly (about every 6 months, in fact)  releasing features and updates to make JMP work better so you can work better.  (like I said get the most up to date version)


The second last thing:  dig and figure out what is happening, it sounds reproducible, when you get to the point where you can ask some specific questions, there so many JSL guru's here who would love to help.








JMP Systems Engineer, Health and Life Sciences (Pharma)
Level V

Re: JMP 14 crush

Hi  @Byron_JMP ,


It is certainly good to hear that my favorite software is actually pretty stable and that it is most likely a Windows issue making it unstable.


I wouldn't mind upgrading to the latest version but I think it might be tricky. As you may be aware, the IT side of things in the workplace can be pretty slow to get up to date and usually tightly locks what users can do. So installing or upgrading programs is not possible because you need admin rights to do anything. And when you do request a new version to be made available it takes eons.

To give you an idea, my computer currently runs Windows 7 (released in 2009) and internet explorer 11 (last version relesed in 2012)...


So I'll ask if we can get at least the JMP 14.3 but not sure when we'll get it.


Anyways, enough ranting for now.


How do I send my crash reports to the JMP team? where can I find them ?










Re: JMP 14 crush

Hi, like Byron, I also work for JMP. You asked how to report your crashes and how to find the files. We are very grateful to customers who report their crashes and bugs in the software, so thank you for being willing to share! It sounds like you've crashed before, but it wasn't clear how to report it, so here are some details that I hope will be helpful.


If JMP 14 crashes, you should get a dialog the next time you launch JMP indicating that JMP has stopped working. It should ask if you want to send your (zipped) crash report to JMP technical support. If you do not see that dialog upon relaunch, then there are a couple of possibilities as to what went wrong:

1) JMP may have been running for a long time but may not be technically crashing-we call this a hang.

2) Your crash may not produce any crash files. This is relatively rare but can happen if JMP goes down too quickly for the software to capture a report. 

3) You may be experiencing an email client incompatibility with our crash reporting system

4) Sending crash reports might be blocked by your IT group (since some systems don't allow emailing of zip files)


No matter the case, you can always email information about what you were doing when JMP crashed to Hearing the details of your crash scenario may help them either replicate the crash or match up your description with a known issue. Of course, it's always good to check to see if you're in case 3 or 4 above by determining if you have crash files present on your computer that you can email to (along with your crash scenario details).


Here's how to determine if you have crash files saved on your computer:

  • If you're on Windows, these files are likely saved in C:\Users\youruserid\AppData\Local\Temp\JMPCrashReports\14, with file extensions .dmp, .jer. or .txt. FYI that you may have folders for other versions present as well, if you've used past releases of JMP.
  • On Mac, saved crash files would be found in /Users/youruserid/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/, with the file extension .crash.


If you find crash files in either location despite not having gotten a prompt from JMP to send them, you can email the files to We have a system set up to compare new crash reports to existing crashes in our database, and JMP technical support can often let you know if your crash was resolved in a later release. Or, they can help replicate your issue in the latest JMP release so that development can investigate it and hopefully provide a fix in a future version.


As always, thank you for using JMP and reporting your issues!


Level V

Re: JMP 14 crush

Hi @shannon_conners ,


I have indeed contacted the support and sent them my crash reports. Unfortunately there were only a few of these as, on my computer, with version 14.1,  JMP rarely generated a report before crashing (like maybe 1% of the time).


Anyhow, they suggested I update to version 14.3. I have submitted this to my IT services but they have refused it. They don't generally install version others than XX.1, so they are waiting for version 15.1... 

I guess I'll just have to make due with what I have. I'll just keep on saving my work very often and It'll be fine.


Anyhow, thanks for the help