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Is there a way to put different forumlas in cells in the same column in JMP


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Nov 8, 2016



In Excel I can put different formula/calculations in different cells in the same column. It is very useful for a specific type of calculation I do regularly. Is there a way I could do this in JMP? Thanks.


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Jul 2, 2014

Hi Elaina,


That is one of the major differences between JMP and Excel.  JMP is column centric vs. Excel being cell centric.  So adding another formula in single JMP cell is not really something you can do on a permanent basis.  You can add a "temporary" formula in cell by clicking in the cell and typing the = sign to start the formula, but that will not stick once you click out of or overwrite with a column formula.





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Jun 22, 2012


What Bill said is correct, but not the complete story.  Many times, I effectively have different equasions for different rows in JMP.  However, using JMP's terminology, they are all contained within one formula.  The following is a completly ligetament formula, with different equasions being used on 2 different cells.

If( Row() == 1, :x + :Y );
If( Row() == 2, :x - :Y );

Typically, one does not use the row number as the flag for what formula to use, but rather something like:

If( :Sex=="F", :x + :Y );
If( :Sex=="M", :x - :Y );

Also remember, that a formula in JMP can be of any level of complexity.  You may find that your data is layed out in a less than convenient format, and changing it's structure might make it easier to use JMP formulas, or you may be able to solve you issues with something like the examples I provided.  I do know, that JMP should be able to handle any issues you have.