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How to record data table preparation steps in a script for future use?


Community Trekker


Mar 27, 2016

Hello all,

I am new to scripting and I have question regarding saving data table preparation steps in a script so they can be executed again after the data table had been updated with new data.  I understand how I can save the contents of the "prepared" data table but not how to save the steps that were executed (in its own script) in order to create the prepared data table.  I have been hard coding my scripts with

dt << Delete columns (








but this can get tedious.  It seems it would be much easier to select the columns to remove in the standard data table window and have the selection activity recorded in the background as occurs for a data analysis platform.  I could then just open the script and cut and paste into my data table prep master script for use.

Is there a way to accomplish this in JMP.  I am using JMP 12

Thank you in advance

Floyd Fox


Super User


Jun 22, 2012


I too would like to see a "Record" capability within JMP.  Something like, start recording my table manipulations, such as deleting and creating columns, and then be able to look at the JSL that could regenerate those steps.  No function to do that exists.  However, all of the table manipulations, like splitting and stacking, and subsetting jsl is available from the Tables Panel "Source" in the data table that is created from the splitting etc.