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How to control 'views' after running a script


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Jan 25, 2012

Hi, I am creating a new column by a script. Something like:

New Column("new name", fomula(expression));

The default position for a new column appears to be rightmost in the data table. I therefore also move the colum to another place, where it is more in the context. Finally I wnat the script to leave the data table in the state where I see the left most colums in the view. Apparently after having run the script, the data table is shifted so that I se the right-most part of it.

What are the script commands to control which columns are viewable?




Super User


Jun 23, 2011

Here's how to display the dataset starting at row 1, and a column called My First Column:

dt << go to row(1) << Clear Select << go to(:My First Column) << clear column selection;

You need the Clear Select and Clear Column Selection so that the row and column aren't in a selected state.