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Jan 25, 2012

How to control 'views' after running a script

Hi, I am creating a new column by a script. Something like:

New Column("new name", fomula(expression));

The default position for a new column appears to be rightmost in the data table. I therefore also move the colum to another place, where it is more in the context. Finally I wnat the script to leave the data table in the state where I see the left most colums in the view. Apparently after having run the script, the data table is shifted so that I se the right-most part of it.

What are the script commands to control which columns are viewable?




Super User


Jun 23, 2011

Re: How to control 'views' after running a script

Here's how to display the dataset starting at row 1, and a column called My First Column:

dt << go to row(1) << Clear Select << go to(:My First Column) << clear column selection;

You need the Clear Select and Clear Column Selection so that the row and column aren't in a selected state.