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How to configure specific range values when wrapping by numeric variables?

Please your help, this is the problem I have been dealing with:

When creating a new graphic using the graphic builder in jmp 8, if I choose a numeric variable to wrap the results, jmp gives the number of leves by default, I can configure a different number of levels but I can´t configure the range of values by level and jmp gives useless ranges most of the times when using numeric variables, often repeating a value in some levels.
How can I configure the range of values in a customize way ?

Thanks in advance for your support.


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Jun 23, 2011

I haven't found a way to do it within Graph Builder though I'd be glad to see one if it currently exists. In the mean time if you are willing to build a new column with a formula that creates level names corresponding to the levels you are interested in you can do it. For example if you open the Fitness Data and create a column called Age Bracket with this formula:
Thanks mpb, the problem is that I am not always allowed to create new columns to configure the level names since I use Graph Builder to explore data in different and large tables with many variables and work according to what I find, manually create new columns to wrap the numeric variables in correct range values is too time consuming, I will use it for specific reports. I will continue looking for a way to perform the ranges in a more friendly way and post it here so more people could benefict from it.

Best solution that I have found until now, appart from your advice, is to change data type from numeric to character in the variable to wrap, this way the wrap method displays one level by category and it doesn't repeat values, now we just need to know how to group them in customized ranges.

Thanks again.



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