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How to auto create Taguchi Array using JSL?

I want to do Taguchi L9/L18 iteratively based on different factor value & response goal.

And I've created simple jmp script but no idea about controlling inner array pop up window.

Is there any solution to automate the Taguchi process using JSL?



Names Default To Here( 1 );
//Load Factor
dt = Open( "Factor file" );
d = dt << DOE(
	Taguchi Arrays,
	Load Factors
//Click Continue
report(d)[button box(1) ]<< Click;

//Inner array run(key in inner array number & click OK) <----how to do this

//Click Make Table
report(d)[button box(1) ]<< Click;





Super User

Re: How to auto create Taguchi Array using JSL?

Hi @Iris_ ,


  I don't think you are able to bypass the modal popup window that JMP displays after the first DOE Taguchi window. Since the modal popup window is from within JMP (not JSL), you can't bypass it, not even by mimicking a mouse click or mimicking pressing the return key. I think you have to manually hit enter. I believe that since JMP is calling a modal popup window after you "click" "OK" with the JSL you wrote, the JSL code is "frozen" until the user interacts with the modal popup window. So, trying to script something in order to fully automate the Taguchi array isn't likely to work.


  That being said, I did find this from the JMP DOE Guide ver14 (link), Ch. 2, p. 40:


Taguchi Arrays Constructs designs that you use for signal-to-noise analysis. The designs
are based on Taguchi’s inner and outer array approach. Control factor settings constitute
the inner array and noise factor settings form the outer array. The mean and
signal-to-noise ratio are the responses of interest.

An alternative to using a Taguchi array is to construct a custom design that includes
control factors, noise factors, and control-by-noise interactions. Such designs, called
combined arrays, are generally more cost-effective and informative than Taguchi arrays.


  In which case, if you set up a custom design correctly to provide the equivalent (or better) DOE as the Taguchi Array, you might be able to automate that without needing to try and overcome a modal popup window. This could end up getting you where you need to go. You would need to change the Design Role property of the factor columns in order to get it to work correctly in the Custom DOE platform.


Hope this helps!,