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How to Maintain JMP Graphs Table Layout When Copy and Pasting into Word

For years I've had to build sets of graphs using the Fit Y by X platform. The graphs are simple: X-axis is always (1) a character, nominal column and (2) a numeric, continuous date/time column. The Y-axis is always numeric, continuous data (bins, registers, parameters). The result is a list of box plot on the left, time trend on the right. There could be many plots at a time. In JMP 12 (and I think started with JMP 11) there was an incredible change made to the copy/paste option - I could copy the entire chart window and paste into Word and my charts would maintain a table format. JMP 13 went back to the old style of dropping the table format and everything is now in a straight line down the worksheet. This pushes me to have to bring back the old scripts just to copy paste tables from JMP into Word for reports. This is a pain, slows down my productivity, and it just seems unnecessary (makes me want to stick with JMP 12 just for this option). Is there a way to maintain the graph table format when copy/pasting charts into a spread sheet?

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