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How do you change the colors of the markers on a box plot?

When I make a Quantiles box plot for my data in the report window, by default, the markers are all different colors. I have no idea why or what those colors mean. I just want all of them to be black. All markers the same color.


The only way I can do it right now is to select each individual marker one-by-one, right click, select Row Colors > Black. But I can't do this for every individual marker in all of these box plots. It's insane. There are so many data points.


There has to be some way to change all of the markers to the same color at once. How do you do it? 

Super User

Re: How do you change the colors of the markers on a box plot?

It is a bit difficult to address your question without seeing your data table or the plot but here are general steps you may want to apply to your table:
1) In the data table top menu, go to Rows > Clear Row States
2) If you need to some Row State such as Excluded and/or Hidden, in the data table, Select all rows, go to Rows > Colors > Black
If you still experience the same issue after applying either step, you may want to follow up this message with an example of your data table and a picture of the problematic output


Thierry R. Sornasse