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How can I save all files open in the Windows pane as one project?

Hi Guys,

I have a bunch of files open in the Windows pane to the left. I want to save all these files as one big project so when I open it I can have all my data tables, charts, etc.

How can I save this as one project?

First you have to create a new project: File>New>New Project. When the project opens you can right-click on the project name and you will find options for adding objects to the project.

Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

Note: For all Mac users (including myself), this is not possible with John's Macintosh Project for Mac, as this feature is not supported on our platform.
Ok that worked. However, looks like a project only integrates the display of all the files and not the files themselves. I looked at my .jmpprjt file and it was hardly 10 kB. Is there any way I can integrate all my files into one big file as a project and save it so I don't have to deal with multiple files?
There is an option to bundle your project files into the .jmpprj file. Right click on your project name and enable the option "Archive all files and folders when project is saved."