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Group Age Column into Categories


Community Member


Apr 6, 2015

Hello.. I'm new to JMP and I have a basic question.

I would like to create a new column that groups customer's ages into age groups:

Age range 0 <34.9 should be labeled <35

Age range 35.0-44.9 should be labled 35-44

Age range 45.0-53.9 shoulf be 45-54

How do I write the formula and reflect the labels?



Super User


Feb 10, 2013

If(:AGE < 35, "35", 35 <= :AGE < 45, "35 - 44", "45 -54")

You should be able to cut and paste this into a column formula.  The :AGE is the name of the column for age so you may need to update that based on your table.  Once you have the formula in place you can click on the "AGE" in the formula and then select the correct column from the column list in the formula editor.