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Level II

Graph building interactions

Hi All,


I am trying to put together some figures for a paper. I am running several standard least squares models with two continuous effects, one categorical, and their two way interactions. I want to scatter my effect and response across three categories and plot their interaction lines. I know JMP makes the interaction profiler in the standard least squares report but I can't seem to replicate those graphs either in the graph builder or when I export the predicted values and attempt to build a figure in matlab. To be clear, I don't want the matrix per se, I don't need any of the graphs between the continuous interactions. 


Any guidance is much appreciated,





Level VII

Re: Graph building interactions

If you put the continuous Y value on the Y axis and one of the X's on the X-axis, then choose the other X involved in the interaction and drag it to the Overlay drop zone, you should see the interaction plot.  If you post your data, I can use it to show this.

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