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Graph Builder: How To Make Row Labels Appear Above Error Bars?

I have a bar chart in graph builder with "label by row" turned on. I'm also using custom error bars. The issue is the error bars lay over the label making the label hard to read.


For one of my labels I added a period and a paragraph space. This worked for that particular label since the period was hidden by the error bar. However, it does not work with all of them as the error bar is not high enough to cover the label.


Is there some way I can move the labels up? 


In the screen shot, you can see I used my "period paragraph" trick for the 'g' and 'c' labels on T3 Sample 4 and T4 Sample 4. T6 Sample 4 at 24 hours is a good example of the bar interferring with the label.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 2.03.24 PM.png

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Re: Graph Builder: How To Make Row Labels Appear Above Error Bars?

Hello @Shelsi,


I've been struggling myself with this issue. Something that worked out for me was caption boxes

Instead of adding labels, you can go over your graph, do right-click, add, caption box. Then it will give you probably the general mean value on the right top corner (by default). You can then do again right-click, go caption box (there's an option after you've inserted it), and select the option per factor. That will show for every bar the mean value. In the same place, you can do all kinds of adjustments, eg place the caption box at the top, center, bottom, or even get other statistics like median. Just make sure there's enough space above your bars, by increasing the magnitude of your y-axis.
I hope this is helpful. 



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