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Formulas in data table not re-evaluating



So today I have an issue with formulas not updating in my data table.


I have a large table with a bunch of measurements. There is a script that sets columns with formulas to evaluate specifications contained in data table variables. These formulas are generated in the following way :


Eval( Eval Expr(Column(Concat(columnName," Spec"))<< Set Formula(

If( Column(expr(columnName))[]>Expr(USL),							
 Column(expr(Concat(expr(columnName)," Spec")))[]="High",
If( Column(expr(columnName))[]<Expr(LSL),
Column(expr(Concat(expr(columnName)," Spec")))[]="Low",	
Column(expr(Concat(expr(columnName)," Spec")))[]="OK"; ) ) )));

These formulas work fine but they only evaluate when they are set. When I try to change a value in a column, the specification is not evaluated. I checked in the column properties and the formula evaluations are enabled. The formulas do re-evaluate I check then uncheck the "suppress formula evaluation".


I tried to modify this script by replacing "Columns" with "As Columns" and removing the []. This did not solve the  issue and made the implementation of these formulas 50% slower.


I tried to manually set formulas with the same template but using the actual column names (:Column instead of Column (expr (ColumnName )  and they do work correctly. e.g, whenever I change a value in one of the columns, the formula is evaluated straight away.


So, is there a way to force re-evaluation upon modifying cells? ** NOT clicking the red button and re-evaluating all the formulas of the data table **


Or perhaps another work around would be to have a script that writes the actual column names (e.g. :Column ) instead of having the Eval(expr(column (columname))).


So it looks like this:


instead of looking like this:



Any ideas ?




Another day, another question :)

Re: Formulas in data table not re-evaluating

I cannot test it but I think that this approach might work:


			nnn << Set Formula(
					ccc > uuu,
					ccc < lll,
		Expr( nnn ), Column( Concat( columnName, " Spec" ) ),
		Expr( ccc ), Column( columnName ),
		Expr( lll ), LSL,
		Expr( uuu ), USL
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