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Fit Y by X plot discrepancy (Oneway vs Bivariate)

Hi, I see a discrepancy in the plotted Y variables when plotting similar columns in the Oneway vs Bivariate plots. Bivariate plots the Y values correctly (left side below). Oneway seems to jitter the points on the Y-axis, which seems strange to me.

I realize that my horizontal axis here is a numeric, and that bivariate makes more sense* but I'm just looking for a simple x-y scatter and I like the look and feel of oneway.  Now that I see this, I would like to know what it is doing so I know when I can / cannot rely on the plot to convey what's going on.

*I realize overlay make more sense in this case, and graph builder even more sense than that.  I guess I just want to know why these points are jitttered on the y-axis.

The source table and script to create the plots are attached.