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Docking / floating the log window from script

In JMP 8 one can switch from a docked log window to a floating log window from the main menu by selecting View | Docked Log or View | Floating Log as appropriate, but is there a way to switch from one to the other from within a JSL script? I can't find any reference to this in the manual.

The reason I'm asking is that I have a script which at one point minimizes all the open windows on the screen - but I can't minimize a docked window. I could probably test to see whether each window in turn is the log window, and only minimize it if it isn't, but the "<< get window title" property only returns the word "Log" if the window is floating - and in any case, I'd prefer simply to float the log if necessary and then minimize it, because if it's open and docked then it's wasting useful screen space.

Many thanks for any suggestions.

Re: Docking / floating the log window from script


This is a possible way ....

You can control the log window behaviour interactively via the VIEW menu. JMP menu commands can be invoked from JSL using the Main Menu() function, so you may be able to use this function to automate the commands that you would perform interactively. Having experimented with it just now, Main Menu("Log") and Main Menu("Float Log") work, but Main Menu("Dock Window") doesn't. However, Main Menu(""Float Log") acts as a toggle so will be sufficient I think:

Main Menu("Log");
Main Menu("Float Log");
Main Menu("Float Log");
Main Menu("Log")