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Displaying output in a journal

I am using the following script to create a data report and finally save the result as html.The script plots a graph and a table to the right of the graph.Say graph1 and table1.I want to display table2 below table1. To create table2 I use tabulate function and then make into data table function. If I use the data box and append feature again, the table2 is displayed on the right of table1.But I need to below table1.How do I do this?


result1 = hlistbox(
outline_1 = Outline Box( "Data for a month ",

daily_graph=daily_summary_sorted<<Graph Builder(




pab = Month_Data<<Tabulate();
dtpab = tab << Make into data table();


newdatabox = dtpab << New Data Box();

result1 << append(newdatabox);

newdatabox << close side panels(1);

Final_result = New window("Consolidated Data",




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Re: Displaying output in a journal

You are appending your newdatabox into an H List Box(), which will naturally lay items out on a horizontal(side by side) orientation. If you want to have the item below the first item, then change the H List Box() to a V List Box()
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