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Re: Dates When Importing Data from an Excel Spreadsheet




Jun 17, 2018

Hi All,


l am importing excel spreadsheets into JMP using file open,  in excel the date is in Australian format of DD/MM/YYYY, JMP will only import when the date can also be interpreted as   American date format, for example, it will import 08/02/2018 as it could be 08/02/2018 or 02/08/2018, but it will not import 26/03/2018, which can be only 26/03/2018, i have tried changing the format in excel to a fixed date format (not sensitive to local settings), but this hasnt worked, does anyone else have any ideas???



Jun 23, 2011



You don't mention which version of JMP you are using.  Time processing has changed and improved with each release.  The particular time you mention can cause issues.  However, if you have JMP 13 or 14 and you explicitly type the column in Excel, JMP should honor that format.  You must highlight the entire column within the Excel worksheet, and type it as dd/mm/yyyy.  Save it out, and then import it into JMP to get the desired result.


Brian Corcoran

JMP Development