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Feb 7, 2017

DOE for HPLC column

Hi All,

I am trying to make a model for an HPLC column (A-protein) to find out if the process can run faster/decreasing process time.

Parameters: Flow Eluent Inlet, pH of the eluent 3-4, temperature 3c-20c, cycle 4-10 cycles, purity 85-99.9% and pressure. As mentioned a model, the parameters can be fixed when working with a specific column.


I am in progress learning DOE, I have practiced some of the exercises but not at the level, where I can make a model.


If anyone can help, will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.







Jun 23, 2011

Re: DOE for HPLC column

A few thoughts...

You can record and use several outcomes ('responses') in the same experiment. For example, you might measure peak height, peak separation, and so on.

JMP calls your HPLC parameters 'factors.' All of yours may be included in a Custom Design. I strongly suggest entering them as continuous factors, even if you are thinking about only a few levels. Also, considering using the widest possible range for each factor to elicit the larges possible effect. This practice dramatically increases the power of your statistical tests and gives you the most stable, precise estimates of the model parameters..

Define a model that includes terms for all of the possible effects: first-order or 'main' effects, interaction effects, and non-linear effects ('powers').

The Prediction Profiler will allow you to evaluate parameter settings once you select your model and fit the data.

Learn it once, use it forever!