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Customized Date Formats

Is it possible to write one's own customized date format? I want a variant of the "date long" format in which the day of the week is abbreviated to exactly three characters (e.g. "Sat 01-Jan-2011"). I know I could script the same effect easily enough if I had to, but I also want to carry the new format though a number of graphical displays which will pick it up and use it automatically. Can it be done?

Community Manager


Jun 23, 2011

Re: Customized Date Formats

Hi David,

Unfortunately JMP doesn't support custom date formatting.

We'll keep it in mind for future releases though.


Super User


Jun 23, 2011

Re: Customized Date Formats


Outside of JMP, we frequently use the following date format: DD-Mon-YYYY. For example 15-Dec-1987. This prevents confusion when using the MM/DD/YYYY format (e.g. 12/15/1987), because our European colleagues reverse the month and day and use DD/MM/YYYY (same date 15/12/1987).

JMP does not have this format, so I use ddMonyyyy. When presenting information to users I create a computed text column that mimics the desired format.

Can you please put in a request for the DD-Mon-YYYY format?