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Custom quantiles and histogram bin width for grouped continuous variables-global options

Hello JMP community,

I have a dataset with multiple groupings . I want to plot the distributions, densities and cdf plots across all the groups and get custom quantiles (mean, median,mode,95thperc, 98th perc, maximum, and value corresponding to peak probability). Some of them, I can pull from the quantile summaries , create combined data table and do analysis . But I want it at higher resolution of bin widths say 1 units and I want some specific quantiles . I looked at the file preferences distribution platforms and noticed that I can generate custom quantiles in multiples of the option I choose in the file menu, but doesnt exactly fit what I want. In addition, I want to be able to set the same bin width across all distributions without having to change them individually through the red triangle menu. 

Is there anyway to set the bin width and custom quantiles as a global option through the menu without having to go through for every run? I am not familiar with scripting, just getting started, so any pointers on that as an alternative would also be equally helpful.




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Re: Custom quantiles and histogram bin width for grouped continuous variables-global options

Have you explored Fit Y by X for continuous Y and Nominal X? It creates a view with histograms and CDF plots and normal quantile plots. I have attached an example table with two attached scripts:

  1. to create a table with custom quantiles (the column names coudl be cleaned up) using table Summary
  2. the other to demonstrate the Fit Y by X platform

Note the axis increments control the bin size of the histograms for this platform and Distribution. You can Right click and select Axis settings and change the axis increments. Right click again and save to the column property then all subsequent graphs will use the same unit. Or you can right click and select Edit > Copy Axis Settings, then hold teh control key and right click >Edit>Paste Axis Settings an all histograms will have the same scaling/binning.

I hope this gets you closer to what you need.


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