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Control the graph, chart size in each New Window Tab.

Hi all,



I have a problem with graph size in each tab of the new window. 

I have multiple tabs in a new window and the last tab contents a multiple vertical distribution chart (10 or more) enclose in a VListBox() function. The distribution chart are quite long in size and whenever I clicked to other tabs the graph in these tab seem to be stretched as the length of the distribution chart. 

Is there any way to control the size of each chart independently followed by tabs or to set size automatically fits the user view?






Re: Control the graph, chart size in each New Window Tab.

I generally address a need like yours by sending the << Frame Size( x pixels, y pixels ) the each Frame Box.


Is the problem about achieving the desired size in the first place or restoring the size after JMP changes it?

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Re: Control the graph, chart size in each New Window Tab.

When working with tabbed reports, I like to match the stretching behavior between the tabs.  Some reports, like Distribution, do not stretch by default.  If you have 10 reports stacked vertically, there is probably not enough vertical screen space to make them stretch effectively.  Adding a Scroll Box around the content of this tab will give you control over the size of the tab so that the tall content does not affect other tabs:


		Tab Page Box(
			Scroll Box(
				Size( 400, 600 ),
				dt << Distribution(
					Continuous Distribution( Column( :weight ) ),
					Nominal Distribution( Column( :age ) )
				<<Set Auto Stretching( 1, 1 ),
				<<Set Max Size( 10000, 10000 )

Reports like Graph Builder stretch by default, but this behavior can also be controlled.  If you want to keep Graph Builder from stretching to match the size of one of the other tabs, you can turn off the "Fit to Window" option:


		Tab Page Box(
			"Graph Builder",
			dt << Graph Builder(
				Size( 800, 600 ),
				Show Control Panel( 0 ),
				Fit to Window( "Off" ),
				Variables( X( :height ), Y( :weight ), Overlay( :sex ) ),
				Elements( Points( X, Y, Legend( 1 ) ), Smoother( X, Y, Legend( 2 ) ) )

You will probably only need one of these options in order to match the behavior between the tabs.  I would probably lean toward adding the ScrollBox around the non-stretchable reports.  If you don't add a ScrollBox around large reports, then the scrolling will occur at the window level.  The result would be that the tab titles scroll off the screen when you scroll down in the tall report, making it difficult to move back and forth between tabs.


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