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Comparison between Jmp and Minitab for Predictive analytics and Reliability


For one of my opportunity,customer wants to evaluate Jmp against Minitab in the area of predictive modelling , Reliability and DOE . If someone can share the feature comparison for the two software's , it would be really helpful.

Thanks and Regards,
I used Minitab in school and at my first job. I later found JMP, and will never go back to Minitab.

The question of predictive modeling and DOE is easy. JMP is clearly superior in those two areas. The question of reliability is not as clear cut.

Predictive Modeling:
-Both JMP and Minitab offer regression with stepwise features. JMP's stepwise options are richer.
-Decision Trees are a major tool for predictive modeling. JMP offers decision trees, with Boosting and Bootstrap Forest, and regular partitioning as well. Minitab does not have decision trees.
-Neural Networks are another major tool for predictive modeling. JMP offers a great Neural Network platform. Minitab does not offer neural networks.
-Cross-validation is important in model building and selection. JMP offers several types of cross-validation in both Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Regression, and a few other platforms. I can't find any cross-validation procedures in Minitab.
-Additionally, JMP interacts with SAS and R, both of which can be used for predictive modeling.

JMP is superior to Minitab with regard to predictive modeling!!!

-JMP's DOE offerings are world class. Minitab has factorial with fractional, response surface, taguchi, split plot, mixture. JMP will do all that plus more.
-Let me emphasize the Custom Design platform in JMP. You will not find this anywhere else. It allows you to build designs with a wide variety of factor types and combinations, several different optimality criterion, all staying within constraints, and much more.
-JMP has a wide array of design evaluation and analysis tools.

JMP is superior to Minitab with regard to DOE!!!

For a long time, Minitab was better at Reliability than JMP. My first employer used JMP for everything except reliability, which they used Minitab for. But, starting in JMP 8, and now with JMP 9, and soon with JMP 10, JMP has significantly closed the gap. JMP offers some things that Minitab doesn't, and vice-versa.

There may not be a clear winner with respect to Reliability. Arguments could be made on both sides.

Like I said before, I used Minitab at one time. But, I've used JMP now for years, and will continue to.