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Comparing groups side by side using the histogram display option

I have two group samples that i want to compare side by side using the histogram and frequency distribution charts. I ran a wilcoxen non-parametric to compare the group means for statistical significance and it has an option to display the histograms next to the box plot but all I want is the histogram for each of my groups and the frequencies text box below. I cannot get JMP to do this.

If i use the analyze/distribution option it will display a histogram for the sum of both my groups rather than the Yes group and the No group for each of my questions.
Here are a few options for you:

1. To show 2 histograms on the Distribution platform, first use the Tables>Split command to split your response column into 2 columns - one for the Yes group and one for the No group.

2. In the Distribution dialog, specify your grouping variable to have the BY role. Then from the Distribution hotspot, select the Stack option. This will however, align them one on top of the other rather than side-by-side.

3. Using the Graph Builder, you can drag your response onto the Y column and your grouping variable onto the X variable. Then right-click in the graph area and select Points>Change to>Histogram. This will give you side by side histograms by no associated frequency stats (however, see option 5)

4. Adopting the principle of interactive graphics in JMP, the way I deal with this situation is to use the Distribution platform and specify both the response column and the grouping column as your Y columns. Selecting the Yes and No bars will show differential shading, which enables you to visually compare the marginal distributions.

5. Assuming the specific layout you want is for reporting purposes, you can construct your own hybrid content quite easily. From the File menu select New>Journal. This creates a blank report into which you can copy content from other windows. Use the Selection tool under the Tools menu (or from the toolbar) and use this to select content that you want (e.g. the distributions from option 2, or distributions subsetted using the data filter). Once selected you can copy and paste into the new journal window. You can drag content around the window although its abit fiddly until you get the hang of it. If you close the disclosure diamonds its easier to position the content. If you struggle with it, but think it might be useful, I can post a video clip to show how to do it.