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Chi Square independence P value colors

I am conducting a contingency analysis on a set of data at using the Chi square tests of indepedence. JMP does its thing and then spits out P values for Likelihood Ratio and Pearson. Sometimes JMP puts the P value in an orange color. Sometimes it puts it in red. Sometimes there's an asterisk after the P value, sometimes there's not. What is the significance of the color and the asterisk? I do not believe it's related to the "Warning: 20% of cells with expected count less than 5" because there's no corrleation between that and the color or asterisk.



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Re: Chi Square independence P value colors

The * is a feature that is available to be set in JMP Preferrences


It indicates if a pValue is significant.

The color of the pValue is a conditional format, which can be turned on or off in JMP Preferences.  It also show the orange color if the pValue is significant.

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