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Changing the Scale of a GraphBuilder graph with attribute data when axis shows nested data

Hello JMP community, 

I would like to adjust the time scale of a graph builder graph that displays a parameter on the y axis, and lot and date, nested, on the x axis.

I found that I had to convert the date to a character format to allow nesting (let me know please if this is not required).

However the character date format makes it harder to set the scale of the graph since the scale is a count of the rows in the table, e.g. Date Min = 25, Max = 115.

The number of rows changes each day, so I would like to display only the most recent lots run within a specified time window.


Is there a simple way to set a lower date value and upper date value to allow me to scale the dates on the x axis based on the data in the data table?

(i.e. last 30 days to present)

Thank you in advance!



Re: Changing the Scale of a GraphBuilder graph with attribute data when axis shows nested data

As you just want to disply the e.g. last 30 days you might be better with data filter excluding all but the last 30 rows (or using the date column). This will autoadjust the scaling in Graph Builder and you have just the data you want, independent of the order the data gets into the data table.


If you nest e.g. lot and date, be careful of the order of nesting. Date should then be the most outer one. Otherwise you might remove the wrong rows adjusting the min value for the axis. Why? As with increasing min value it cuts from left to right the data, which means from the most left lot first. This might not reflect the true dates or in other words it probably will cut also dates you want to show and leave in the "old" dates in the more right grouped lots.


A Filter would provide you the option to filter the lots you want to see within a specific time frame. As well you could get the number of rows first and automatically adjust the filter. 

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