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Beginners question, how to get p-value on descriptive statistics?


I'm new to JMP and I'm using for my master thesis. I have previously used Statview which was a much smaller programe and easier to use. I will start to do the easy part with constructing the descriptive statistics, like how many articles were published on different weekdays during the five years I have studied. It's pretty easy to get the values and percentage, but the p-value? I know that my teacher will demand me to have that in the thesis. There is something called StdErr Prob, is that the same thing as P-value? And if so it seems to calculate it only for each weekday and not the total p-value because that is only given as 0,000000000.

And in my last thesis I used something called Cramer's V, that doesn't seem to exist but it is maybe called something else in JMP?

I hope some helpful soul could give some tips



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Jun 23, 2011

When all else fails rtfm

Launch JMP
Click on Help > Books > JMP Stat and Graph Guide
In the PDF file hit CTRL-F and type p-value
Thanks PMroz, i solved the p-value problem.

But i still can't find Cramer's V.

SPPS has Cramer's V.

Can it have another name in JMP?

What do you guys do when you need Cramer's V, maybe other software?

Please, hope someone can help me.