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Add blank space to differentiate groups visually

Dear all,

I created a Heatmap view in the Graph builder that shows the a performance metric for certain algorithms.

These algorithms are grouped.

Now I want to differentiate the groups more clearly, which means:

  1. I want to add spaces between the groups (better differentiation)
  2. I want to reorder the groups and/or columns (better visual story telling)

Is there a way to do this?9608_UserStudyResults_Tags_Usefulnes_L0_L1 (2).png

PS: I added the respective heatmap.

Thanks Michael

Super User

Re: Add blank space to differentiate groups visually

If you move your "group" to the top of the graph builder (in the group x zone) then you can a drop down option "Graph spacing..." to put space between the groups.  You can re-order groups by using the column property "value ordering" to put the items in the desired order.

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