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Accessing JMP plots from Python

I have some team members that use JMP for analysis and plotting of some data. We have a set python tools that plan to take in the plots from JMP. We have been able to get the data tables from JMP in Python, but I don't see a way to bring in the plots directly. 


I'm referencing the Automation Reference pdf that comes with JMP. Anyone have any ideas?


Re: Accessing JMP plots from Python

You can use SaveGraphicOutputAs to save a variety of formats (PNG, JPEG) to disk.  You can also use CopyToClipboard.  Almost all analysis platforms support these methods.  If you want the contents of actual graphs within reports, you'll need to use the display box commands like GetGraphicItemByType.  In this case you would ask for "PictureBox".  The Analysis VB example that ships with JMP under Samples\Automation has examples of using GetGraphicItemByType, although not with PictureBox specified.  The concept will be the same though.


Brian Corcoran

JMP Development

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