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Using JMP(R) 15 XML Import Tools to Monitor the Software Translation Process (2019-US-EPO-226)

Level: Intermediate


Melanie Drake, JMP Principal Systems Developer, SAS


How many words do you think are in JMP - appearing anywhere in the software UI or in messages sent to the log? The answer is just about 220,000 words, divided into almost 35,000 sentence- and paragraph-level chunks we call strings. Every string is translated from English into seven other languages in a complex process that consists of removing the strings from source code, sending them out for translation and review by subject experts, and finally putting the strings back into the source code. We import various XML files with string data into JMP and analyze changes to find problems during the process quickly so they can be solved before they snowball into big problems at the end of the cycle, when we're ready to deliver JMP to customers. Until JMP 15, we used the JSL function XML Parse() to import those files.We have transitioned to using the new XML Import tool in JMP 15, which gives us a new and simpler script. In this presentation, I will show both methods, and you'll get a glimpse of JMP strings, deconstructed.