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Use Cases of Repairable Systems Simulation Platform (2019-US-45MP-284)

Level: Intermediate


Peng Liu, JMP Principal Research Statistician Developer, SAS
Leo Wright, JMP Principal Product Manager (Retired), SAS


Repairable Systems Simulation (RSS) is a new addition to JMP capability in reliability engineering. RSS is designed to solve simple to very sophisticated problems. The innovative graphical user interface of the platform offers engineers great freedom in expressing complex maintenance strategies. The presenter will first demonstrate the basics of using the platform to help the audience become familiar with the tool and its concept. The presentation will walk through several use cases to illustrate the capability of the platform. Use cases will demonstrate the usefulness in a variety of applications, including identifying critical components to the system reliability, computing reliability of large non-repairable systems, comparing costs of different maintenance strategies, and changing component state to mimic environment impact to system reliability, etc.

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