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To Drink or Not to Drink? That Is the Question. Analyzing Alcohol Data With JMP(R) 15 (2019-US-45MP-250)

Level: Intermediate


Mandy Chambers, JMP Principal Test Engineer, SAS
Melanie Drake, JMP Principal Systems Developer, SAS


Did you know that 30% of Americans are teetotalers, while another 24 million consume on average about 10 drinks per day? In 2017 alone, alcohol sales in the United States amounted to approximately $234.4 billion.

For this presentation, we narrowed our scope to explore alcohol sales data in North Carolina. Our objective was to help plan marketing strategies for increasing vodka sales for a local distillery by analyzing sales patterns in different counties. We began with using the new PDF import in JMP 15 to pull data from the web, as well as taking advantage of the data table features to enhance visualizations, clean up the data and prepare it for our analysis. New features such as header graphs in the data table help determine which columns to use in evaluations. JMP allows predictive modeling, SEM and forecasting to gather possible future sales scenarios, and JMP Live publishes these reports for everyone to view.

When we are finished, not only will you know interesting statistics about North Carolinians concerning the amount they drink or the types of alcohol they consume, but we will show how to use new JMP features. You will learn how painless JMP 15 makes it to analyze your data more effectively, create graphical visualizations attractive to the eye and share your results more easily.