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Tackling Walt Disney World Wait Times: The Good, the Bad and the Galactic (2019-US-EPO-225)

Level: Intermediate


Katherine Coon, Student, Oklahoma State University
Miriam McGaugh, Clinical Professor, Oklahoma State University


Walt Disney World (WDW) is one of the most sought out vacation spots for families of all ages. Just like other popular travel destinations, there are more desirable times to visit WDW parks due to lower crowd levels. What makes WDW a desirable location to visit is the constant innovation and experiences being added to the parks and resorts. When grand openings of new lands and attractions take place there is a larger influx of crowds and wait times grow. What will happen when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (SWGE) opens in Fall 2019?

To help answer this question, I have obtained public data sets from and I have used the arithmetic mean and time series analysis through JMP to help me identify patterns and predict wait times for SWGE. From this, I will examine the best and worst times of the year to travel to WDW by park and attraction. This analysis will help those who are interested in visiting Disney to avoid high crowd peak times and discover when to visit new additions to the parks.