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New Features in JMP® 15 Control Chart Builder (2019-US-30MP-178)

Level: Intermediate


Annie Dudley Zangi, JMP Senior Research Statistical Developer, SAS


In this session, we will explore the new features in Control Chart Builder for JMP 15. As Control Chart Builder continues to grow and improve, JMP 15 brings many of the less common features in the older Control Chart platform into the flexible Control Chart Builder. With box plots, you can now see the shape of your data on an XBar or three-way chart. Along with the new default dispersion chart preference, we will also explore when the new Median Moving Range chart is warranted.

We will investigate the alarm script feature, which enables remote real-time monitoring and is new to Control Chart Builder in JMP 15, along with new limits options, both importing and exporting. These new features and many others can serve to make your control charts more dynamic, illuminating and effective.