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Enhancing and Extending JMP’s Process Screening Platform (2019-US-45MP-248)

Level: Intermediate


Vincent Faller, Senior Software Engineer, Predictum Inc
Karen Biagini, Statistician, KLA Corporation


JMP Add-Ins are extremely practical for users who are required to perform a complex set of tasks in a routine manner. To help these types of users in a client project, we were challenged with extending and customizing the Process Screening platform in JMP to make it more comprehensive for KLA’s new product development application. The Process Screening platform was customized, allowing it to be both simplified in some respects and extended in others.  The user is provided a fast, one-button launch to plot their selected analysis options, including drilling down to see Levey Jennings Control Chart, Histograms with Cpk, and Variability charts with custom P/T calculations. In addition to this custom drilldown view, KLA also has new visualizations to look for visual patterns across parameters in novel ways.  A major implementation challenge in this project was to ensure that customized features were supported, while still maintaining JMP native functions such as automatic recalc for row exclusions.  This talk will explore the JMP Add-In, its use and advantages from KLA’s viewpoint, as well as its design and implementation insights from the development viewpoint.