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Effectively Applying Team Foreknowledge With the Power of JMP(R) to Design More Effective DOEs (2019-US-30MP-235)

Level: Beginner


Wayne Levin, President, Predictum
Cy Wegman, President, SY64, LLC


As Alexander Graham Bell said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” As such, well-planned DOEs are vital. Limited budgets and time often force us to reduce the number of factors we can test. Often it is difficult to identify the most important factors to consider from all the candidates. 

Planning should include the collection of assumptions, conflicting views and known unknowns from among the subject matter experts. Because of the labor involved, any planning effort should carry forward to support subsequent DOEs.

We will introduce a component of our DOE training that focuses on the Plan stage of the Plan Do Study Act Cycle. This features a JMP-assisted capability for independently collecting views that are then considered within the group. The result is a summarization of available knowledge in a format that is easily understood by all team members. This will greatly streamline the decision process in identifying the most important factors and thereby lead to a more effective DOE.