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Assessment of Medical Readiness Contributions at Army Hospitals and Clinics (2019-US-EPO-228)

Level: Intermediate


Kenneth Kovats, Senior Nurse Analyst, HQ U.S. Army Medical Command


Army Medicine’s mission is to provide sustained health services and research in support of the total force -- enabling readiness and conserving the fighting strength, while caring for our Soldiers for Life and their respective families.    

Medical readiness can be divided into two components: Sustaining a medically ready force, a fit and healthy force, that is medically ready to perform its deployment mission; and a ready medical force, ensuring Army military physicians, clinicians, nurses and allied health specialists are clinically current and have the requisite skills to provide expeditionary health care in a deployed environment. Both of these objectives are achieved in the Army’s Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) at major Army installations in the U.S. and around the world.

Using Principal Component Analysis and other modeling techniques, we will develop a Composite Readiness Index, assessing all 32 Army MTFs based on their contribution to both components of Medical Readiness. The Index will use over 40 Military Health System (MHS) measurements. The findings can be used by leaders of the Department of the Army (tactical and support) and the Military Health System to assess capabilities, outcomes and opportunities for stationing of military medical personnel.

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