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Modeling a New Equipment Behavior (2020-EU-EPO-360)

Level: Intermediate


Vincent DE SCHUYTENEER, Data Engineer, Lynred


After receiving a new equipment for process, we adopt a quality method to qualify and industrialize it.

First of all we realized a first DOE, and then to deep results by 2 additionnal DOE. This allowed us to understand and modelize behavior of equipment on a large window of process. As we were able to catch log data, we developped a JMP script to integrate them into a JMP table. We used Functional Data Exploration to analyze these data, that we combined with hierarchical clustering. Thanks to data and methods, we identified 2 new parameters that were infulencing product performance.

Finally this complete methodological approach with JMP tools helped us to increase quickly, significantly and deep our knowledge about the equipment behavior. We have now a complete model for this equipment that will be very helpful in the future during its production life.