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Level I

A Study of Common Extracurricular Activities Related to Undergraduate Seminars in Japan (2020-EU-EPO-493)

Level: Intermediate


Wakako Fushikida, Associate Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University


    I conducted a questionnaire survey for 130 faculty members to reveal extra-curricular activities related to undergraduate seminars affectionately called “Zemi”. To the question “what kind of following extra-curricular activities did you offer students out of the seminar?”, the faculty members were required to answer 11 items on a 5-point scale.

    First, after confirming the status of the items with extreme bias from histograms and frequency distribution tables using “univariate distribution”, the following three items were selected as common extra-curricular activities: “Drinking party (average =3.39, S.D. =1.20)”, “Camp (average =2.68, S.D. =1.64)” , and “Sub-zemi (average =2.54, S.D. =1.45)”. Second, relationship between the three items’ scores were visualized based on faculty members’ research fields using “three-dimensional scatter plot”. The figure shows that the frequency of “Camp” and “Sub-zemi” in social sciences are higher than the other fields. Finally, the results of a regression analysis indicate that undergraduate seminars in social sciences and recognition of extra-curricular activities’ importance by faculty members affect the frequency of the common extra-curricular activities in undergraduate seminars (F (6, 105) = 3.82, p = 0.00).