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End-to-End Analytic Workflow With JMP®

End-to-End Analytic Workflow With JMP®

Jon Weisz, Senior Vice President, JMP Sales and Marketing, SAS

Dan Valente, JMP Senior Product Manager, SAS



Organizations deal with business problems. In order to improve, the most effective ones convert those business problems into analytics problems. The first step in solving analytics problems is having access to the right data and the right metrics. The next step is becoming a “data janitor.” Once the data is prepared for analysis, it must then be graphed. Graphing data informs hypothesis generation; building models is vital for testing those hypotheses. However, building models is useless if you can’t convince decision makers to act on what the data reveals. Sharing results in a format that can be easily understood by decision makers is necessary for this task. Scientists and engineers working together using JMP as the language of analytical thinking is what ties the whole journey together, ensuring that everyone in the organization appreciates the real value of analytics.


JMP Public Report Published as Part of the Presentation:

Healthy Life Expectancy at Birth by Health Care Expenditure | JMP Public

A set of analyses looking at health-care spending by health adjusted life expectancy sized by population in a bubble plot. Also includes related geographic clusters of countries and information about aging populations.

View this at >

Presentation Journal is attached to this post:

It includes the data tables, journal, scripts and JMP Public publish scripts for you to explore on your own. 


Presentation Slides: