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Using JMP(R) to Examine JMP Crash Data ( 2019-EU-EPO-130 )

Level: Beginner
Job Function: Analyst / Scientist / Engineer
Shannon Conners, Director of JMP Development Operations, SAS

Customer bug and crash reports provide precious insights into customers’ experience of JMP product quality. Even as the JMP team develops features and new products, we also evaluate problem reports from a range of production releases. JMP developed email-based systems for Mac crash reports in JMP 12 and Windows crash reports in JMP 13. Technical Support and Development collaborate to identify, investigate and fix crashes received by this system. New reports sent to JMP Technical Support are processed hourly and details loaded into a SQL Server database. Crashes are then screened, identified as novel or potentially related to a known issue, and details are sent back to the track. I created a crash investigation project that refreshes hourly via JSL and organizes my queries, scripts, graphs and tables with embedded web links. I use this crash data project to identify additional occurrences of existing crashes, find unsolved crash groupings requiring further investigation by JMP developers and understand the prevalence of various problem reports from the field. We are planning improvements to this system in the future that we believe will streamline the process and encourage more customers to share their reports.