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Robustness Study of a Metalworking Fluid Formulation in Production Using JMP(R) ( 2019-EU-EPO-138 )

Level: Advanced
Job Function: Analyst / Scientist / Engineer
Victor Guiller, R&D Engineer Quenching, Forming and Hydraulic, FUCHS LUBRIFIANT FRANCE S.A


Depending on the production site, people in charge of the blending of a metalworking fluid formulation faced stability issues of the concentrates. The study’s objective is to evaluate the impact of small variations in production for specific raw materials and see the impact on different characteristics to evaluate the robustness of the metalworking fluids formulation in production and identify possible interactions between raw materials. The constraint for this study is to draw conclusions by doing a maximum of 20 laboratory formulations. To do the lowest number of experiments to describe the formulation, we use DOE capabilities in JMP to combine/liaise main effects with interaction effects that are either supposedly non-significant or with a very low importance regarding main effects. As a result of this study, a decision of minor adjustments in production for two sensitive raw materials (detected by the design of experiment results) has been made and the Managing Director and his senior team inform people in charge of the blending, increasing awareness of the importance and sensitivity of some raw materials contained in the formulation.